Thursday, February 9, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 2 Orange

Continuing on with our nail challenge..its Day 2 Orange!

K's Nails

 For my orange nails, I totally copied J's from the Red Day.  I used Zoya Jancyn with Essie Shine of the Times over it.  They looked so good next to each other in the bottles and it reflects on my nails.  I had got Jancyn when Zoya was having the 2 free nail polishes for 2012.  I was a little dissappointed when I recieved it though.  It looked as though the bottle cap wasn't shut tight enough and polish was everywhere!  I had gotten it all over my hands and it was quite a clean up.  Despite all of that, Jancyn is a wonderful cream orange.  It looked great with my skin tone and it really appealed to my eye.  Enhanced even more with Shine of the Times, its one of my favorite manicures.

J's Nails

So for the Orange Challenge, I wanted to try out another of my new ones from the Essie Spring 2012 collection.  So I pulled out Orange, It's Obvious!  I have to admit I wasn't crazy about these bright bold shades in the Spring collection.  My mind likes to arrange things seasonally, and I just don't think bright bolds for Spring.  I'm not that person that's looking for a major pop of color just coming out of Winter.  Give me pastels in Springtime!

Having said that, I really ended up loving this color!  Although, I'll probably end up saving this color and Ole Caliente from our Red Challenge for late Spring and Summer.  That feels better for me.  Crazy,  I know.  Now, I'm not usually drawn to oranges, but obviously for this day of the Challenge I had to use one.  I was so pleasantly surprised.  This was like a trendier version to the classic red nail.  Like you know when you find a good red, that looks good with your skin tone, that seems to just be right whether you're in a skirt and heels at work or jeans on the weekend?  Yeah, this is like that, but more of a cooler alternative.  Orange, It's Obvious! is an orange-red cream and I had no issues with applications, two coats were opaque.  Also, I didn't bother with any nail art or anything fancy for this one and left it plain because it just looked so right, as is.

P.S.  Don't hate my orangey pictures.  I take them after I get off work, so I'm working with indoor lighting.  I'm experimenting around the house.  I promise they'll get better!

What do you think?  Does anyone else demand certain things for certain seasons?  Have you ever had a shipping mishap with an online polish order?

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